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Robyn's early years saw her working as a producer at the iconic Canadian mainstay Fashion Television, where she traveled on the regular to New York Fashion Week with host Jeanne Beker. There, she was quickly schooled in the art of chasing down a celeb in high heels, during what can only be termed 'pandemonium' (we're looking at you Beyonce). Throughout her tenure at FT, Robyn covered shows in New York, Toronto, London, Paris, Iceland and Australia. It was during this time she also had occasion to connect with the world's leading photographers, artists and architects. 

Moving from fashion to Entertainment was a natural progression. The daily news grind (even a glamorous one) at ET Canada was eye opening and informed a long stint as the sole 'Specials and Documentaries' producer for E! Entertainment (Canada), where Robyn conceived, directed, produced and wrote many half hour and hour long specials in celebrity-land. She doesn't really get star-struck, except for that one person...(you'll have to ask her about it). 

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